CAALL — Canadian Association of Administrators of Labour Legislation

International Labour Affairs

Terms of Reference

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the International Labour Affairs Standing Committee (ILASC) is to support the overall goals of CAALL in relation to international labour issues. It does this by providing a federal/provincial/territorial forum to:

  • Discuss, assess and report on trends in labour policy with respect to trade-related labour agreements, the labour dimension of other multilateral and bilateral processes, and the promotion of labour rights in various international arenas.
  • Receive periodically a general summary of developments pertaining to the negotiation of, implementation of and operation of labour cooperation agreements.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for provincial/territorial input into the negotiation of future international labour cooperation agreements, including receiving information, discussing positions taken by the federal government with respect to negotiations, and presenting proposals.
  • Support the Governmental Committee established under the Canadian Intergovernmental Agreement Regarding the Implementation of Labour Cooperation Agreements (CIGA) in performing its functions, when requested.
  • Review and report on international developments and activities related to labour issues.
  • Discuss, undertake and assess joint activities in the area of international labour issues.
  • Undertake studies and projects as directed by CAALL.

Composition and Operation

  • The Committee's membership shall consist of one representative from each provincial, territorial, and federal jurisdiction.
  • The Chair of the Committee shall be elected by the Committee's members for a term of two years, so long as the Chair remains a member of the Committee. In the event that the position of Chair becomes vacant, the Committee shall elect an interim Chair to complete the Chair's term.
  • In the absence of the Chair during a meeting, the Committee shall select one of its members to act as an interim Chair for the duration of the meeting or until the Chair returns.
  • A member jurisdiction may select an alternate representative to participate in a Committee meeting on behalf of the member jurisdiction's representative.
  • A member or alternate member may be accompanied by advisors during a meeting.
  • The Committee shall meet periodically, "face-to-face", at annual meetings. Additional meetings, including teleconference call meetings, shall be held at the call of the Chair.
  • The Committee will establish its own rules of procedure.
  • The Committee may establish ad hoc sub-committees or working groups in the course of carrying out its projects and activities.
  • The Committee may collaborate with other CAALL standing committees and undertake joint projects.


  • The Committee shall report annually on its activities to CAALL, and provide additional reports and information as requested by CAALL.

August 2005